Karate Kid…

Time to play catch-up! Last weekend was the Street Faire. Chase had the opportunity to demonstrate the eskrima sticks, breaking boards and moves in front of total strangers. His school, Robinson’s┬áTae Kwon Do,… Continue reading

4th Annual Pink October Fashion Show

Let me first introduce the most amazing women! I had the honor of being the model coordinator on the fashion show committee for Lodi’s Pink October event. And a big hug to Kelly… Continue reading

Last weekend at Alpine…

It was the last weekend at Lake Alpine before it closed for the winter season. The hunters were all over the area in their camo gear driving their big ol’ trucks in and… Continue reading

Bear with me… PUH-LEASE!

Sorry trackers of this blog… Both of you…. I will have some posts after Oct. 7th. As some of you know, I am dedicated to Pink October and Breast Cancer Awareness. So I… Continue reading

‘Tis the season…

So I walk into Longs Drugs this past week and what do I see… Halloween things, sure a few. BUT CHRISTMAS AS WELL! Okay deep breathe. Now begins my spriling journey from Halloween… Continue reading

Guys and Ghouls!

Proof books

Here is a sample of what the proof “brag books” are. The are spiral bound. The number/name of the photo is on back for ordering purposes. The size is perfect for scrapebooking and… Continue reading

More Mr. and Mrs. Silva

Here are some more of the Silva Wedding. Love ya guys!

Prayers needed

A woman I went to high school with is missing with her 5-year-old daughter. I remember Silvia Nino’s smile and her talents on the softball diamond. Her daughter has her smile. My thoughts… Continue reading


This sort of amazed me. I made the WordPress Growing Blogs list. I am humbled. Thanks for reading everyone.

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