Colts fall in the first

The Colts were down four players Saturday on the gridiron. The first play by the Packers, they scored and thus was the tempo of the rest of the game. Chase was even a… Continue reading

Sr. Gonzalez

Okay, so let me let you know when i write (type) this I am a little more than partial about the person I am writing about. He is my Tio. My mother’s brother.… Continue reading

Henry’s book

I received Henry’s birthday book in the mail today. When I received his invitation from his mama, Tricia, to his party, I thought they were soooo cute! I asked where she had them… Continue reading

Mr. and Mrs. Silva

Well they tied the knot. And from some cyber cafe in Hawaii, Rosie is watching and waiting for the first glimpses of her wedding photographs. You may recognize them from their engagement photos. I… Continue reading

Crafty Lady

I first met Natalie on a fire training exercise. Now mind you, neither of us are firefighters. She is married to one who I think looks like Tom Selleck :) and I was… Continue reading

Liz and Russ @ Oak Park

I have been wanting to get someone to Oak Park for a shoot. Liz suggested for their second half of their engagement session. Despite the blaring Spanish version of “Achy Breaky Heart”, there… Continue reading

Football Saturday

Flag Football. It is our Saturday morning ritual at the moment. Chase loves the defense and grabbing the flags. He beams when he comes up with it in his hand. “I got it!”… Continue reading


LAUREN! Here are the tomato picks! LOL…. It is the end of the summer picking of heirloom tomatoes. There is a little man that farms a piece of land between industrial buildings. I… Continue reading

The Festival is in town

The Grape Festival began in Lodi, and my friend and I snuck away at lunch to get some photography in. I prefer nighttime shots of the midway but I won’t have time this… Continue reading

Phillips Farms

I was on a quick shoot at Phillips Farms the other day and had to run to another shoot clear the other way. But these two things caught my eye. The Light bulb… Continue reading

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