Bear with me… PUH-LEASE!

Sorry trackers of this blog… Both of you…. I will have some posts after Oct. 7th. As some of you know, I am dedicated to Pink October and Breast Cancer Awareness. So I was wrangled, by Miss Kelly Higgs last year after doing the calendar, to be on the fashion show committee. Of course I would. How could I say no? And as one true blue friend will atest to – no isn’t a word I know well. LOL.

Pink October is near and dear to my heart as I lost my grandmother to the disease when I was only one. And to this day I wonder what I could have, would have learned from her. Maybe I would have acutally learned Spanish that I could use on a daily basis. Maybe tortillas would just flow from my hands to the dinner table. There are a lot of maybe’s.

My dearest Leo, Kome was diagnosed the past year and has survived as a lioness of her type would. She did the 60-mile walk in San Francisco this past month. She rocks!

So back to why I am begging for blogging forgiveness… Tomorrow is the 4th annual Pink October Fashion Show. And I get to “play” with the models all day. We are going to have 19 beautiful survivors wearing area stores’ clothes. And handsome leading men escorting them. It is to be the glam event of Lodi. 🙂

So until this whirlwind passes… I must pry myself from this keyboard for 24 hours minimum. Love you all and will share all the fun soon.