Play in the leaves!

As most of my friends and clients know, I divide my professional time between my work at the local paper and trying to get legs under newVintage. There was a time when I was in charge of the photography department, before I decided my children were more important. I would tell the other shooters, if you see a stand alone, get out of you car and shoot it. Don’t regret it. I had my share of regrets. For those of you who aren’t in the biz, stand alone art or enterprise is the pretty pictures photographers find as they are running from one assignment to another or just hiding from the office 🙂 . They do not have a story.

Wednesday as I was driving around, doing both of the above, I past some children raking leaves in their neighborhood. I drove by. Drove to the next block almost to the office. I sat there for a moment and went back around the block. I had to shoot these kids. Because for a split moment, I forgot about all the election “stuff”, the work “stuff”, the person who had just cut me off, the financial and economic “stuff” – and thought, “That looks like fun.”

It would be a photo I would regret not taking. Or at least not asking if I could take. As a newspaper photographer you often get that look as you approach. “Oh no…” But mom was happy to let me take the photos. I could have stayed for hours just observing their faces, watching the leaves drift back to the ground as the girls threw them above their heads. It was a perfect fall moment.

SO… Go get the rake, and make the biggest, baddest pile of leaves you can. Then … JUMP!