Cowgirl Maddie and Biker Chase…


We were getting ready to rake the yard when Maddie grabbed my hand and said, “Come on Mama!”

She dragged me to the house. “Come on Partner!” She wanted her “boobs” – translation “Boots”. And her cowboy hat, which we couldn’t find so we improvised. She found her brother’s cowboy belt and she wanted a horse. Hmmmmm. We pulled out the rocking horse from the front. She was ready! Chase was riding his bike through the trail of leaves Daddy had already made. He’s been shy about the camera lately. I think he is in that “stage”!


Also, Maddie had gotten a gorgeous (NOT) black eye from bumping head with brother. So when it finally went multi-colored, I tried to get a shot but Mad wasn’t haven’t it. I just got Sass!