First off. I am not a Cowboys fan. I am a 49ers person. But for one night I rooted for the ‘Boys. For Christmas, our anniversary, his birthday and the next 10 or so Father’s Days, I got him tickets to the last home game at Texas Stadium. Row 2 on the 45-yard-line.

So Saturday morning we boarded a flight out of Oakland. We arrived at the Dallas/Fort Worth airport about 1 p.m., took the shuttle to the hotel and tried to take a nap before the game. Well the nap didn’t happen.

We boarded the shuttle with a couple more people. The driver kept picking more up as we drove along. Stuck in traffic, my husband and other finally talked him into letting us out. On the freeway. Now mind you- I am a good girl. So the thought of  breaking the law with a bad knee no less was almost more than I could take. But we did and only had a few yards up to the exit and up to the gate. We made our way to our seats. Everyone was nice!

But alas… The ‘Boys could not pull off a win. (Too Bad 😉 )

When all was said and done – My husband turned to me and said, “I like getting away with you, but I MISS THE KIDS!!!” Me too. “Love you but I WANT MY BABIES!”

Here are a “few” pics from the adventure.