You’ll shoot your eye out…

My husband’s favorite holiday movie is A Christmas Story. And to be truthful, it has become one of mine. This year, Chase got a Red Ryder BB gun. I guess it is actually an air rifle, but that sounds too dangerous!

We finally had a day that we could take it out of its box. We headed to my parents place in rural Galt and took aim… Daddy put the cans and plastic bottles on a heap of horse poo. LOL! While he did that I took a couple of pics of the pooches…

After seeing the boys having so much fun, I had to get a chance. I forgot how much fun it was. My dad got one many moons ago and as young girls, my sister and I shot cans off a saw horse.

Well, I still got it. My dad is a sharp shooter so it must be in the blood.

Chase was timid at first, but now is wondering when we can do it again. (I am too!)



Maddie, watching and getting bored… 🙂