This past weekend, Chase got to take his Papa to Moster Jam. The tickets were his Christmas gift from my parents. So Papa treated him to a Grave Digger Boom-a-rang. So all week, Chase asked me to go play with it.


Chase: ” Mom today can we…”

Me: “No. You have homework and karate. And we have errands to run.”


Chase:  “Mom, PLEASE can we…”

Me: “Honey, you have to finish your homework and you have karate. Tomorrow. If you have all you homework done tonight. We’ll go to the park and you can play with it.”

Chase: “Pinkie Swear!?”

Me: “Pinkie swear.”


Picking Chase up from school.

Chase: “Mom… YOU SAID TODAY…”

Me: “I know, I know. But we have to get home, grab Maddie and you only have about an hour.”

Chase: “What?!”

Me: “I forgot you orthodontist appointment.”

Chase: (puppy eyes and pouty lip)

Me: “And you have karate.” 

Maddie just wanted to have a sucker and play on the playground. But I did keep my promise, even is it was actually only 40 minutes by the time Maddie put on her shoes. LOL