Snow angels…

The hubby has been wanting to get to the snow. So we left the laundry behind (yeah!) bundled up and loaded up the car.

“How much longer?”

“I’m hungry.”

Common road trip conversation pursues.

“Well get there when we get there. Just enjoy the ride.”

untitled-1And after 30 minutes of arriving to Big Trees, Maddie declares it is time to go home. Just like clock work.

But we had fun. Chase saw some grown-ups sliding on their bellies like penguins. He tired his hand.


Daddy and Maddie made a snowman.


I clicked away. (I was a little fretful about my footing and the knee, so I didn’t get crazy.)

On the way home, Scott, took one of his” off the beaten path” turns and found a cool little spot for a photo.