Gallery wraps…

I get orders for gift prints quite often.

“We don’t really like large pictures. 5×7 is fine. It’s big enough.”

But here is something with impact. It isn’t a snapshot on the fridge.  It is an emotional investment in art. The best kind of art – your family.

It is a wrap around canvas! No frame. Ready to hang…

Like this one of ‘Liam. (en route to his mommy.. shhhhh it is a surprise!!!)


This one is 16×30. Although it may sound huge, it really isn’t. I could have gone bigger. And it depends on how you want to display them. Over a sofa, a bed, in a collage of images… the possibilities are endless.

I am ordering a couple of my kids. (Just figuring out what photos are my absolute favorite!)

If you are interested, contact me.