South Cakalakie- Day 5: Lake Lure


Have you seen the movie Dirty Dancing? Well if you haven’t- shame on you! Just kidding. Day five of our trip included a drive to the scenic Lake Lure, North Carolina, where that popular movie was filmed. There is the beach. The hotel. You can also take lake tour to the cove where the famous water scene was taken. FUN FACT: It was filmed in November. Actors were freezing. the grass was painted green and leaves GLUED to the trees. All I can say is : Hollywood.

However. Out boat tour was cut short by thunder and then lightening. Our tour guide, whose name escapes me, thought it best not to take an aluminum boat into the middle of the lake during a thunderstorm. I think that is wise! He was terrible funny especially with my sassy husband!

My current favorite photo of Maddie…



Chase waiting for the rain to subside… it didn’t before they closed the beach.




The tour guide…


On the way home…



At the end of the day, we were hanging out and waiting for “supper”. Bird, my brother-in-law asked what was wrong with maddie and if she got in trouble. I said no and went to check on her in the room we were staying in. She had her hands clasped around her mouth. I pried them open. All I could see was blood. I grabbed at towel to see if she had busted her teeth or bite through her lip or what. I shouted for Scott while family stood behind me. We finally got it cleaned up to find she just really bit her lower lip HARD. I had never seen that much blood. It was in her hair, clothes, on the bed. It was awhile before the wound finally stopped bleeding. She just wanted me and to go to sleep. She freaked herself out pretty bad. We still don’t know what happened. She won’t tell. “It just happened,” she told me when I tried to ask and then tears would start. So it is better not to push sometimes. Finally my baby fell alseep. Ah the joys of being a mother… and an unofficial nurse. It has healed up and no sign of a scar.