South Cakalakie- Day 6: Feeding the fish, ducks

These little fish in the Millekin pond are ferocious! I don’t know how the ducks get any food once the fishies arrive. But i must admit, the kids prefer to feed the fish over the fowl.



This blue heron hung out to catch his next meal. He did snag a fish.



In the South, there is a delicious cake called the Red Velvet. Here is the last piece that everyone was afraid to eat. Why is it no one will eat the very last piece? Could it be the fear of , “Who ate the last piece?”

But the cake is OMG heavenly. But I must confess. I love Aunt Gayle’s cake. Everything she makes is food for the soul. BUT… the hubby’s is just a smidge more yummy. Sorry. Have to be honest… 😉