Mr. Conroy…


I had a visit with my dear friends, Justin and Callie of Baltimore, yesterday afternoon. We enjoyed tacos and the most awesome-ist cupcakes from Something Special Bakery in Galt. The cake was light and the frosting…. oh the frosting… it was like pudding and heaven all in one!!! And of course I was so consumed by their deliciousness, I forgot to take a picture.. DOH!!! If you stop in, say hey to Heather and tell I sent you!

Then Mama and I went out back with Liam for an impromptu photo session. We left the boys to play Wii. Liam was tired… but we got a few! 🙂


I miss my friends and lovingly tease when they are going to come back to the “best” coast! lol 🙂


Much love my friends and safe journeys back to B’more!