Maddie | beach sessions…


We are going to kick things off with our littlest one!

I met Maddie at China Beach in San Francisco Saturday morning. There weren’t many people there yet. A pair of whale swam by. A group of sea lions frolicked in the surf and occasionally a pod of porpoises played and jumped. I over heard a lady tell her family that the herring were running, so perhaps that was the reason for the active waters.

 Maddie was adorable in her cute headband and pink sundress. Her Mommy and Daddy were so excited. This was their first trip to the City as a family for fun. 


 The heart…


This shot sort of gives me goose bumps. We were walking along the beach and this stone heart had been created. We plopped Maddie inside the ring. I shot  some frames. It wasn’t until I has back home editing that I realized the significance of that heart and my pint-sized model.

I had forgotten at that moment that Mom had told me that Maddie had had heart surgery. So the heart had a double meaning. It represents how very strong this little warrior is and all the love she is surrounded by!


Here are some more photographs. Please enjoy: