Jeff + Michelle + Josh + Gabriella | family session…


I met the Reinke family in Locke Sunday morning. It was just over a year ago when I met Michelle and Gabriella at a bridal shower for my friend and her sister-in-law, Laura. Since then Miss G and I have gotten together several times to photograph this gorgeous, blue-eyed, red head. Now I get the entire family!


They were awesome troopers! Miss G was getting a little fussy as nap-time was bearing down on her. So we followed her as she searched out the kitties of Locke. I am definitely having a hard time picking a favorite image from the day.

And don’t you just LOVE Bella’s outfit… She is always decked out in style.


Michelle and I had a chance to talk a bit. She was telling me that the first time I shot Bella, that Jeff was a little unsure what the shoot was going to produce. I mean it was Sacramento Street and the Busy Bee laundromat! But the results were great. Jeff even commented on how much more fun it was to walk around and be photographed. He is used to the backdrop, hot lights and six shots. Not me my friend! LOL… I have to get out and roam around… I love texture! I know I have done my job when the husband, dad, boyfriend – the man of the house is happy and had a good time!



I LOVE this family photo! I love the teenage body language.


Awww… love…


For this photo, I had to play a cat. She was running the wrong way. “Meow. Meow,” I called out. She turned around and ran with “Lovey” to find the “kitty”.


Thank you Reinke family for trekking out to Locke for some photographic fun.

Please enjoy the rest of the sneak peek… feel free to comment… I love it when you do! šŸ™‚