The Wolfman & Pretty Puppy…


Tonight was our school’s Harvest Festival. And the kids got to dress up. It was a trial run for Chase’s makeup on Halloween. His friend, Alex, told him to be something scary. So this is really a change for him. He’s either been a Power Ranger or Superhero. So I tried my hand at doing his make-up. *** (Another first, usually I buy the costumes. But Maddie is recycling her brother’s puppy costume. And Chase’s outfit was put together with things we had around the house already. Only spent $5 on makeup and teeth… Chase said, “Mom, this pretty much looks like the one at the store.”  Score one for Mom!!)***



So I had to get them out quickly before heading out and snap some shots of the kids. Chase makes an awesome  werewolf with his karate moves!


And Maddie with her puppy eyes… ADORABLE! 🙂