Alicia + Gene + Ava | family session


I met  the Bakkum family in Midtown Sunday morning. Thank goodness we arrived at the same parking structure at the same time. I was so turned around, looked behind me and there they were ready to get capturing moments.

The wall above I couldn’t pass up. As I was lost trying to find the Crest Theater, I saw the wall and scribbled the location on my palm. I am glad I did…


Ava, six months, was an absolute princess! Mom and dad were pretty awesome too… 🙂

We wandered from Capitol Park and around the Midtown area…


I first met Alicia many, MANY moons ago as she was a college roommate of one of my best friends from high school. I met Gene a few years ago when I crashed on their couch before boarding a plane to visit the afore-mentioned friend to surprise her. 


Happy baby!



BAKKUM_IMG_5008Please enjoy the rest… and feel free to comment. I love when you do! 🙂