planting | my life

The last time I was in Wal Mart I passed a planting kit… Then I passed it again. Impulse took over and I bought along with several packages of seeds.

Peppers, cucumbers, melons, peas, green beans, squashes, and some poppies and lavender.

I remember the days of being at grandma’s and helping her plant and harvest. That was so much fun. Usually we’d have half the tomatoes we had picked by the time we reached the house… I love me some tomatoes!

Recently on a trip back to South Carolina, Maddie got into Papa’s garden and loved it. 

So yesterday, Maddie, still recovering from the flu, helped me plant. I had to do the dirty stuff. She just wanted to write what everything was. Chase helped up soak the pellets, but got bored and ran off to play with Joe and the pups.  Here are the pics of … “The Planting” … more to come as a garden emerges.