Gone to the dogs | my life

So after a busy Saturday of tot-soccer and working in my “studio” cleaning, some house work, I said enough! I need to play with my pups. Freckles needed a good brushing. With all the fur I got off her with the Furminator, I could have made another dog… or maybe two small ones! LOL The little fluff that got away from me kept Joe and Lucy busy chasing them across the patio.

I grabbed my camera, and Maddie grabbed her MagnaDoddle and created a cute picture of  her Lucy dog.

Chase has been secretly putting Lucy and Joe on the swing set. It wasn’t until recently when I caught him in the act that I knew that he was playing with them that way. Lucky for Freckles, she is too tubby for picking up and immediately lies on her back making it impossible to pick her up. (Giving her a bath can be a REAL pain!)

Lucy goes down the slide, while Joe goes all police dog and climbs down the ladder.

Freckles loves water. She chases it, stands in it, laps it up… She is a water machine! Here she is a little drooly.

We have had Joe for a bit now. He was at the back door as he was when we got him and I had to snap a shot of then and now…

Enjoy the rest… 🙂