pre-street faire finds | my life

Friday I was needing to shop. I stopped by one of my favorite Downtown locations but it wasn’t yet open. So I drove around the corner to one of my favorite antique shops in town, the Antique Group. In the window there were two small windows. Grabbed those. I chatted with the store keeper, Tracey, for a few moments before I headed around the shop like a pro. Within five minutes I had found an old train lantern, a “baby” barrel, and another window. I rock! I have been trying to find the windows for some time. They will make great frames! Can’t wait to pick my pics.

Can’t you see an itty bitty fast asleep in here?

The family did go to the Street Faire Sunday. It was so blustery. The Elm trees were whipping their pollen and branches all over the place. I didn’t find a thing. The kids got to ride a pony and a dinosaur though. And Maddie got her bag of Kettlecorn which was enjoyed by all.

I did see this accordion. Cool, but didn’t need it…