Wendie + Guy | Weddings


I think that sums up Wendie’s and Guy’s wedding Saturday evening at Lockeford Springs.

Surrounded by friends and family, tears of happiness and laughter, made up the uniting of these two.

This couple { l.o.v.e.} each other. You can see it in the way the walk together, talk together, gaze upon each other….

I love this series of photos!

I have a rapture with trees. The way they sway in a light wind. The comfort they bring from the harsh sun. The life that springs from its branches.

As with the tree, Wendie and Guy are the trunk for their family. Without them their wonderful family couldn’t stretch and grow towards the skies…

Guy & Wendie… thank you for the awesome pleasure of being a part of your special day. Congratulations and much love!

Please enjoy the rest of the sneak peek…