Jalen | as i grow {12 months}

I can’t believe we just shot Jalen’s 12 month {as i grow} session. He has grown so fast….

Saturday I climbed into my car, turned the key and… nothing. What? Turned the key again. Nothing. Really?!

My hubby had already left with the kids for my daughter’s t-ball game. So I adjusted my bag strap, got the smash cake, and started peddling… Luckily the park was only about a mile and a half. And my cruiser is pretty cool…

Jalen was going to make me work for the playing photos! He was on the run! Gotta love it! And it was his first time on the swings!

Then we whipped out the cake. I took a few shots of it by itself. As soon as we put Jalen in front of the cake, he was in it. I think he had done this before. 🙂

I love this one!

Please enjoy the rest!