Swim meet | my life

Between the karate, the newly ended baseball and now swimming, no wonder  I find myself reeling after a day and why the laundry is as high as an elephant’s eye! 🙂

We had our first swim meet Friday at our “Fish Bowl”.

It’s so funny to go to the store the next day and have another Mama ask what swim team your child swims on just by seeing the faded permanent marker on your wrist.

Maddie being goofy!

I hate public bathrooms, except when I shoot in them…

I love that he hasn’t mastered the dive yet… It’s more of a fall right now. 🙂


Breast stroke.

Waiting to freestyle in his relay event.

Us leaving and getting home at 10:30 p.m. A long afternoon/evening. And the kids as soon as we leave. What’s for dinner?