A day in the City | {my life}

The family fled Lodi Monday and went in search of no plans, no schedules, no work – nada! San Francisco is where we landed.

We drive through China Town looking for Coit Tower.

Hubby and I had been before, but the kids had never been to the top.

The coins on the other side of the glass was pretty cool.

Then we rolled down Lomard Street – Cuz that’s how we roll! LOL

Then we went to Embarcardero Street.

We visited the “sea dawgs”.


Maddie watching our server, Josh, dance at Joe’s Crab Shack. 

 Afterward, we went back to a stand on the corner of Embarcadero and Jones. The kids both picked out hats. Maddie an adorable puppy hat and Chase a fedora.

We were going to ride the cable car, but the line was so very long and we still wanted to go to the Golden Gate.

This cable car driver caught a nap as we passed.

The Golden Gate…

I love this photo of the kids…

Please enjoy the rest of the photographs…