Point Reyes | {my life}

Last weekend, after shooting Katie and Ben’s wedding in Ukiah, my family and I meandered home via Point Reyes. I had only been once with my husband and it was so foggy, we couldn’t see anything.

A bicycle built for two…

We learned that Point Reyes is the windiest point on the Pacific Ocean.

There are 302 steep steps to the lighthouse. Luckily for me, there are little rest stops along the way… 🙂

There was this bit of rock that had ladybugs just crawling all over.

My mentor, Clifford, taught me about patterns and looking for repeating patterns.

Ode to Cliff! 🙂

We had lunch at Priscilla’s Cafe in Inverness.  We had the BBQ chicken pizza.

We spent the rest of the afternoon across the way at a local park and found an abandoned boat. We skipped rocks.

Have a Happy 4th and stay safe!