owls & vines | {on assignment}

I had a neat little assignment Friday. A reporter asked me if I had time to shoot an owl box. But it was midday and I knew it wouldn’t be all that “pretty”. So I offered to go out at dusk. As a raised country-girl, I knew about what time the beautiful creatures emerged. Wouldn’t it be cool to capture an owl leaving its box?

Twilight came, and out peered its pretty little face. He looked at me. I figured he was a juvenile as two other owls returned to the area I was standing, one with food. The other perched on the utility cables, screeching. I am not sure if it was directed at me or the young owl. Just as I was leaving the youngster flew the coop and headed to a large oak tree across the road in a vineyard. There were a number of owls in the tree, talking, screeching and flying about. It was really magically – to me anyway. The kids were a little freaked out.

The shot that ran. The vines…