Kalynn | {senior} session

I first met Kaylnn and her family during our family session April last year. Now we are photographing her senior portraits. Her sisters came along and I barely recognized them. She also brought a friend.

Kalynn will be a senior at Sheldon High and is looking forward to drama (the class).

Love this shot.

I could have listened to Kalynn play all day. Her fingers just delicately strumming along the strings. I never could figure out guitar. I am more of a piano girl although I remember several boys trying to teach me to play guitar. 🙂

We tromped through Victor and made our way to Clements for her shoot.

Love her eyes and freckles!

She looks so dreamy in the last shot. I wish I could go watch the clouds roll by right now… 🙂 Thanks for coming out to play Kalynn and hope your senior year rocks!

Please enjoy the gallery…