South Cakalackie | {my life}

This summer has flown by. We made our way across the country to see our family in South Carolina. It was a stay-cation 3,000 miles away with people we love. Our family and friends visited. There was red velvet cake. (It was gone before I thought about taking a photo. It was delicious!!!) We swam a lot making sure Maddie put her swim lessons to work. We played a little mini-golf. We fed the ducks at Milliken pond. We fed the neighbors dogs. We picked cucumbers from Papa’s garden. There was a great mouse adventure! (Connie {my sister-in-law} and I had a very good laugh.)

putt putt.

Milliken pond.

Nephew Nicholas.

Niece Taylor.



It was here I took my new favorite shot of Maddie. She wasn’t looking and I called her. The hair went flying.

In the summertime, we usually experience quite a few thunderstorms, which I love. We don’t have that kind of weather in California usually. But this year, only one storm that lasted about eight minutes. But it was enough to make a puddle. That was enough for the younger children!

Love those curls!!

The Garden.

I have know idea what kind of bug this is. but it is HUGE!

The dogs next door were cute. I love the blond’s ears!

Taylor’s little feet…

Leaving is always hard. We miss them so much. Hopefully we can make another trip back soon. Please enjoy the rest out our memories…