This is a {h2o} WAR!!! | {my life}

Sunday, my husband was wanting to get out of the house for a bit. We thought about going to the pool. I didn’t really want to be in the car. So I whispered to him. I sneaked out of the house and ran to the local grocery market. I picked up my items and ran home.

I started filling up the balloons. Daddy came to join in filling up his arsenal…

And what is a war without paint. I donned Maddie with a fabulous painted face.

Scott had to take it to a whole other level! He and Chase disappeared inside. Out came…. Nutella Boy! Scott covered his face in the delicious chocolate/hazelnut spread.

After the balloons were gone, the buckets began vessels of very cold wetness. The hose was brought in. All is fair in h2o war!

The great thing about it, no one asked  who won! It was just plan FUN!