Christmas tree hunting | {my life}

The alarm went off. In a drowsy fog, I headed down the hallway.

It is 7:30 a.m.

“Chase…. Chase, it’s time to get up.”



“Mom! It’s Sunday!”

“Yes it is. We are going up the hill to help Matt and Miss Kim find a tree.”

“Oh. That’s right.”

Matt had invited us to come along, play with or cameras and help hunt down a tree with he and his wife, Kim.

After a delish breakfast at Mimi’s to perk everyone up, we were on our way. A little while later, we arrived at the Harris Tree Farm just above Placerville. Matt used to come here as a child.

This poor dog. I nicknamed him ‘Butterball’. One of the workers told us that earlier that morning the hefty pooch was in the kitchen of the pie shed and as one of the bakers was putting some of the items away in the fridge, he reached up and snatched a cube of butter. Look at that face. I bet he is regretting that breakfast.

And read his tag!

Dogs were everywhere! I loved it….

There was snow on the ground, but it wasn’t long until the sweaters were taken off..

Chase takes a stab at cutting down the tree…

So much cool stuff around….

Check out these mushrooms… They were attached to a large stump.

Please enjoy the rest of the photos of our tree hunting adventure…