Help Portrait 2010 | {my life}

The first Monday of the month, I dropped the kids off at school and headed to Stockton. It was time for the Help-Portrait event at the Stockton Shelter.

I love this event. It is a way to pay it forward. My family is incredibly lucky. We have a roof over our heads and jobs to go to during a very tough economic time. Our kids are healthy and happy. Life is good.

I was happy peeling stickers off the frames. I was there to do whatever they needed to do. I was great re-connecting with photographers I had worked alongside with many moons ago. It was great meeting new friends. Finally they made me get behind the lens. But not before I snapped a few shots of the awesome people behind the scenes.

Here is Clifford Oto, an award-winning photographer, who has been with The Record since 1984. He was my mentor when I interned there all those  years ago. He began the Stockton event. Here he helps the “clients” choose their poses for printing.

To read more about the event and the impact made on the people at the shelter and the impact they leave with us, check out Clifford’s blog here.

Claire Oto. Like father, like daughter.

Hair and make up being done. I love the young ladies t-shirt: Team Fierce.

Wedding photographer and Channel 31 engineer Ben Wong from Sacramento, gives a lesson to students on the art of photography and videography. He was hilarious! He posed for them, being a difficult “client”.

Tim Ulmer printing photos for the photographers and clients at the shelter. Ulmer owns Ulmer Photographer in Downtown Stockton. He provided all the printing equipment and people donated money for frames for the event.