Ryan + Katie | {love}

You might recognize this young couple. She is my awesome sister and he is my uber-great brother-in-law.

The other night she FB’d me about her holiday cards and would I be able to do them today. I said yes. (Without hesitation, which means I didn’t look at my schedule! LOL)

So about 3:30 she calls me. The instant I see her name on my phone… “Crap!”

I had forgotten the favor I had promised. I was grabbing one of my kids from school and the other had karate. It had been a CRAZY week. Needless to say, karate was forgone. (It wasn’t her regular night anyhow.)

So I grabbed my camera. Grabbed the kids. And headed to our location. This would be the only non-raining day we would have before Christmas!

The drive over to Jessie’s Grove let me clear my head and get into the zone.

Tug. my dogphew.

I made a story board for them while they were being “in love”.

At the end of the session we headed to Rick’s – our favorite pizza restaurant – their treat. Hey I was just happy not to have to cook dinner!

And I was quoted to say after leaving my sis and b.i.l. in the parking lot kissing:

me: “awww”

Chase: “what mom?”

me: “There so in love. Makes me sick!”

The backseat errupts with laughter!

Chase & Maddie: “MOM!”

“I am kidding” …. sorta! 😉

Here are a few shots of the ranch… love this.

Here kitty kitty…

Please enjoy the rest of the gallery….