12 hours of Cookie Mania | {my life}

The whirling of the mixers, the timers going off like clockwork, the smells of sweet treats lofting in the air.

Somehow in a moment of weakness I decided I was going to bake cookies. Somehow, my sister got dragged into the insanity.

Chocolate crackles, chocolate chip, orange rolled cookies, sugar cookies, mini-cheesecakes, macaroons, rice crispie wreaths, peppermint bark. What were we thinking!!!?

The idea was that they would be handed out as gifts and such. So far, my mother, grandmother, a young man that raked our lawn yesterday and the office have gotten some. There are still a lot more! I hope Santa is fasting!

Maddie writing her letter to Santa….

Poor Tug… I don’t know how many times he was warned not to think about it…