friday | {my life}

I was on my way to grandma’s house to pick up some things she has been collecting for me. Mini-cupcake pans and wrappers. A couple cookbooks. A container. And a few hugs.

I took my camera, just wanting to take a photo of anything.

I am always hoping to see the dairy cows on the hill with perfect light. It wasn’t quite right, but the cows were on the moooo-ve.

Grandma has always had St. Francis by the front door (the door no one uses. Because the back door is the front door. Only solicitors use the front.)

On the way back to drop Chase off for basketball, the kids and I noticed this car. Next time I see it I will leave a note for the owner to call the paper for a story. I think it is rad. It has butterfly wings to attached to the back.