Keith + Mai | {engagement}

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I had the honor of photographing Keith and Mai yesterday in San Francisco in the Russian Hill/Nob Hill area. These two are great – especially Keith who endured a lot of kissing. It’s had work, I am telling you! I also got to meet their baby, Vinnie – a rescue pup. He is sweet as can be!

We met at Shanghai Kelly’s, where they had their first date. Keith was the only guy to make it to a second.

Their booth.

I love how Mai’s eyes light up when she looks at Keith.

They even have their own look-out…

Vinnie wants a sweet treat too…

Mai in her Vietnamese traditional aoi dai.

Vinnie, the look out…

Vinnie on top of the world…

Outside a little garden, people had imprinted the cement with leaves from things that grow in the garden. Pretty cool I think.

The restaurant where they ate on the night of Keith’s proposal, Rue Saint Jacques.

I love this one in color and b&w.

I have always, ALWAYS wanted to shoot a couple and a child in a laundry mat. These two made 1/2 my dream come true!!! Gotta love them!

This mat is where Mai used to do her laundry…

the end.

To see more of their photos, yes there are more, click here.

Keith + Mai, thank you for the privilege and I cannot wait until your wedding in September!!!