Cowboy Jack Vintage | {my life}

You might remember my dear friend Komé. If you need a refresher, click here or here.

Our friendship begins in the 10th grade in Galt.

She is growing in her life and has decided to take up blogging. I am excited for you to meet her and know her. She is everything I am afraid to be.

So please welcome her with open arms.

She is opening a vintage clothing and home décor store named Cowboy Jack Vintage. She hopes to be storefront ready in a year. I am so insanely happy for her. We are both Leo’s. So I know she will be great in her new adventure.

She has named her venture Cowboy Jack for her love of cowboy boots and her immense love of her Boxer, Jack. You can meet him here, here and here.


Much love to you girl!!!