Whale watching in San Diego | {my life}

While in San Diego, we went to the marina and boarded the Eclipse. We were going on a trip with San Diego Whale Watch.

All my life I have wanted to go whale watching. When I was in fifth grade I was going to be a marine biologist. I have always had a love for the sea. We have made reservations for the trips out of San Francisco, but they were always canceled due to rough waters. At the end of out trip, that lasted an extra 30 minutes because of the show we got, the marine biologist on board asked if we had been before and that we probably should never go on another in our lifetime. This is as good as it gets! 🙂 So I guess next time I’ll have to go on an Alaskan whale watching venture to see the orcas! 🙂 Thank you hubby for this adventure. Cross off one on the bucket list! 🙂

Our littlest explorer practicing with her binoculars.

Our sea vessel.

Our escorts out of the harbor.

I love pelicans.


Bow riding.

Heavenly light.

Mating gray whales. Two males and one female. Bottlenose dolphins in the area too.

While everyone was at the front of the boat oohing and ahhing, this poor bloke was at the back of the boat by himself.

Whale head.