Farm Dog Photography | {my life}

I love dogs. I have three of my own. And while I am known for my children’s and wedding photography, I love photographing dogs too. They are our furry children. So last year I decided to start a separate blog and outlet for my love.

The blog is called Farm Dog Photography.

What it is all about:

I love their wet noses, their doggy smiles (YES! Dog do smile!), happy tails, slobbery tennis balls and everything dog.

I love work dogs, pampered dogs, puppies and senior dogs. I decided on Farm Dog Photography because of my style. Raised in a rural community, I have an affinity to cowboy boots and dogs. But Farm Dog isn’t just for  country dogs, but also for urban dogs, lap dogs and all the canines in between…

Here you’ll meet all our puppy pals and my canine children.

So sit. stay awhile. and welcome!


For information about scheduling a pet session with Jen Howell and Farm Dog Photography, please call (209) 327-0725.