Chase + Maddie | {my life}

My darlings… Mother’s day is almost here and I asked my hubby what we were sending his Mommy. Flowers again? He said pictures. But then said it would take to long. I have a confession. I am a horrible daughter-in-law when it comes to sending photos. HORRIBLE.  He says it because I am such a photographer. To which I say “humph!!!”

So I grabbed the kiddies and hit a field I always pass on the way to taekwondo when I am not sending photos to family… 😉

I always forget how hard it is to shoot your own kids. It started well enough. And in an instance, no one was listening to me and posing themselves and being directors. They are the most difficult clients!!!



Maddie got hit in the nose with a red rubber ball during four-square. I was going to clone it out. But I kinda like the battle wound.

So now I have to be a “photographer” and pick which ones to send to my wonderful Mother-in-law. 🙂

I think this will work. 🙂