South Cakalackie | {my life}

It is never fun to have to get up at 3 a.m. to catch a flight. But it does help when the kids get up because they are excited to see their family 3,000 miles away. Airplane trips are still fun (for them!) and not yet a stressful occurrence.

Day break on a plane.

Chase reading as Daddy hunkers down…

After a good night’s sleep we went to see a friend and his family as he was in town visiting at the same time. We had an awesome time!!!

Oscar the tortoise loves strawberries. He’s nine-years-old.

This is Gabby. She is part lion and part hyena. 🙂 Gabby has to get used to you before she stops trying to run you off.

Mr. Jim giving Maddie pointers on her horse-shoe form.

Mr. Jim seeing competition with Chase.

Watching Daddy ride an ATV.

Chase re-enacting a scene from one of his favorite shows, Finding Bigfoot.

My motorcycle mama. Chase freaked out about letting her ride around the country block.

“Are you sure she should go!? I don’t think it is a good idea. Mom, Dad, you’re going to let her go!?”


Chase gives it a whirl.

Maddie learning how to cook chicken. Jim and Betty are awesome…

Oscar is a trip. You wouldn’t think a tortoise would act like a dog. But he does.

Miss Betty feeding Oscar.

Our friend holding a praying mantis.

Back at the Howell homestead, we enjoyed our red velvet cake, made by Aunt Gail. It is SOOOO good!

I have a hard time asking hubby to pull over every time I see something. But I had passed this corner several times and asked. He obliged as I snapped away for about two minutes, before the kids were yelling at me to come on. The admitted daddy told them to do it.

The Rouge Deer Clan.

Papa tending to his garden.

Taylor, my littlest niece.

A little rain a coming.

Crazy kiddies.


Nothing like feeding ducks and fish.

Nothing like a Sunday afternoon.

Arriving back home.