Big Sur | {my life}

At the beginning of the month, I had a wedding in Big Sur. We got to the cabin and decided to explore with the little bit of light we still had.

Making a plan.

Walking through our campground.

Scott saw a buck run across the street and we ran across Highway 1 to watch him eat apples.

The kids being blown by wind.

Dan, my second shooter this weekend, my boss the rest of the week, and blogger of Ambient Focus snapping some shots.

Maddie and the wind.

The Big Sur light house.

The day after the wedding, we headed to Pfeiffer Beach. They have purple sand there. It is really neat to see. We ran into a fellow school and Lodi family as we were leaving. Kind of funny.

Purple sand.

So the kids and hubby loved running down the sand dunes.

Then I look away for a moment to see the pretty light on the creek.

Then I raise my lens again. snap. snap. OYE!

Maddie was okay – other than being covered in sand. I was mad first, because my husband was laughing. Then I looked at the two frames I snapped, after knowing she was okay. We all laughed. She thought it was fun to see herself flying.

Then we found a redwood surf board…

I love Big Sur. The perfect combo of land and sea.