Jeanine + James | {engagement}

Meet Jeanine and James. These two beautiful people are getting married in 2012!

I love the expression James has below…

If you are wondering about the party hats and party blowers, they met in the Mission in San Francisco at Bruno’s on New Year’s Eve 2008/2009.

We moved on to the New Mission theater. It is abandoned and gorgeous!

James actually photographed the theater before when I suggested the location after Bruno’s . I loved the textures  and colors of it.

While we were shooting, this hawk was being attacked by crows. It tried grasping onto the wall of the marque but failed and flew off. He was very pretty.

You have to love the Mission. So much color.

After some time in the Mission, we headed to Pier 40 for some burgers at their favorite spot before a Giants game, Red’s Java House Coffee Shop. I know Java and burgers don’t really seem to mix… And they don’t serve lettuce or tomato but thems is some good, greasy fare.

So on the walk there we stopped for some shots.

Red’s Java House Coffee Shop

The fries were picture perfect.


I love my Giants fans!

Congratulations Jeanine and James on your engagement. I can’t wait for your wedding day!