So for Christmas I finally was upgraded to an iphone. Thank you honey!  My friend, Lauren,(aka the Urban Hippie) said I needed to get Instagram. So I did. And I love it!

I don’t need to carry my camera gear with everywhere I go. But will probably still take it most places. 🙂

Then I was perusing the pages of Sunset Magazine and saw a little photo collage. I can’t even remember what it was on, but inspiration took and I decided to make a collaboration of things that I shoot randomly on my Instagram gallery. So this is the first. It includes December to yesterday, in no particular order…

From left to right, top row:  1. There’s the frozen roof of my car. 2. Joe waiting for a tamale. 3. Donner Lake. 4. Crinkle cookies for Santa.

Second row: 1. Rockem’ Sockem Robots. A gift from Santa to my husband and me. 2. Sugar Bowl. 3. New Year’s Eve. 4. Tamales ready for steaming

Third row: 1. A friend’s San Pellegrino label. 2. A frozen orchard. 3. The kids at Olympic Village at Squaw Valley. 4. Film.

Last row: 1. Our basketball hoop. 2. POW! Reminds me of Amber. 3. Holly in my yard. 4: My name… in case I forget.

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