January Instagram | {my life}

Oh my goodness. How I love my Instagram! I have been a busy little iphonographer. And I so love seeing what everyone is posting and seeing in the world around them.

January has been busy, at least on my phone. I can’t wait for next month. I’ll be joining the February Photo A Day Challenge….

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From left to right; top row: Palm tree, my little lemon tree, French Toast from the Village Coffee Shop, sunset

Second row: Valero flags, new vintage pans I will hang in my dining room, onions for planting, my water Coco-Cola cup

Third row: Overcast skies and birds, Chase waiting to compete in a qualifier,  flamingo at Weigum’s nursery, flowering cabbage

Fourth row: My Brownie Bulls Eye, Lodi rooftops, Dr. Pepper can, a camper on Locust Street

Fifth row: My headlights while I Instagram a sunset, a quote on The Moveable Feast, streamers in the sky, the Kings game

Sixth row: Brick wall, The Moveable Feast, Epic fries, Pink Pearl eraser

Seventh row: An early valentine from Maddie, Bingo balls, Lodi rooftops, Barbershop pole

Eighth row: The Arch Bear, preserved goods, my grandmothers chalkboard, an orange tree at my grandparents

Ninth row: An orange in the sunlight, Sriracha glaze, cacti, Joe

Tenth row: Flags, sunset, Beethoven, piano keys

Eleventh row: pizza, sunset, pan dulce, rain finally