Mason | {as i grow} 6 months

Saturday, Mason and his mommy, daddy and I hit the Downtown area and captured his 6 month cuteness.

I have to admit, the 6 month sessions are one of my favorite. There are so many things that are new. Sitting up, their lil faces have changed, teeth.

Mason has always just been a little man to me. Now he has two baby teeth and is just too stinkin’ cute for his own good!

I haven’t shot in the Downtown Lodi for a little awhile. But I thought it was time.

A friend of Mason’s parents made this block.

Mama kisses are the best.

Daddy and Mason hanging out.

How you doin’?

Matt and Kim, you have some trouble before you. He’s going to be a heart breaker! Be prepared… šŸ™‚