Monday Morning Musings | {my life}

Well it is Monday once again. I am laying in my bed, just finished a set of my exercises for my knee. Last Friday I had anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction. I remember getting my “happy juice” from Neal, my nurse. I remember being wheeled into the operating room. It was amazing. Huge lights. Big screens. People everywhere. Then… Nothing. I woke up in recovery. I started crying for no reason. The lady across the way was crying. My body thought it would join her I guess. Stephanie, my new nurse, said it was okay. I tried telling her I was fine, but tears kept falling. She said that was normal.
My dad brought me home and made sure I was set up. Hubby came in to check on me. I am really glad I got this taken care of. You see, I have been kinda in limbo since I injured the knee on December 31st. Now I can focus on getting going and back on my fitness routine and getting business from a part-time deal to full- time. It is an exciting time. Scary, but exciting.
I was bummed Sunday as I missed the Shamrock’n 1/2 marathon I had began training for. I had made it to 4.5 miles. But my friends, son and husband ran it. And they did amazing. I am so proud of them. The finished without stopping. They made great time. Chase and Scott ran it in 2:11.
We celebrated with corned beef and cabbage. There is nothing better than being around a table with good friends and family enjoying each other and good food.
Today, the kids helped me with laundry and putting away little things. It is the beginning of another busy week. But it is nice to get a little perspective before delving in.
I hope your week runs smoothly and quickly and that you enjoy the small moments with your loved ones.
– Jen