Monday Morning Musings | {my life}

Mondays have a way of sneaking up on you. They are stealthy little beasts. But here we are again. Since having me knee surgery, I have been reduced to doing leg lifts, taking my antibiotics and letting others do for me. That in itself can be hard for any mother to do. But knowing I can’t drive for two more weeks is killing me. Ugh. I just like driving. Maybe that is part of the reason I go to the store pretty much daily. I like that little routine of leaving my home or wherever I am and visiting the nice people at the corner market. They don’t all know my name. But they know my face. And now I miss them. Isn’t that strange? People I don’t know very much become such a art of your daily life that when they are gone, you feel a void. But that little bit of freedom in the driver’s seat. The control you have of your little metal beast. Oh how I miss it.

I have worked on designing pages for a Christian Magazine that my church puts out, BearCreek Connection. It has been a great and welcome challenge. The people I am working with are wonderful and kind. I am excited to see the final product.

I did a mini-shoot for Bokisch Vineyards, with my two best helpers, as the winemakers are going to be in a magazine in June. (I will post more about that when it comes out.)

This weekend I did get out long enough to go to Chase’s Taekwondo state tournament in Danville. It was long enough in the car that I knew I couldn’t go much farther with my knee unable to bend. Chase did wonderful. He was suppose to have three people in his weight class. But only two showed up. So I told him he had to go out there and fight. He won his match which qualified him for the National competition in Dallas at the end of June. We are so proud of him.He fought hard and cleanly. His best fight thus far.

The head shot. (Chase is in blue).

The score.

And the winner is…

Because I have been stuck at home, my phone has been my camera. You already know that I have become such an avid IGer (Instagram) that it is pitiful. But now it is therapy. I would go mad with it. I see the world in small details. When I can’t do that, I become like a caged beast. I don’t like that feeling at all. And the kids know to walk lightly.

Also, because I can’t drive, I couldn’t make it to a photo workshop in the City that I had my heart set on. I am glad I found a local artist to enjoy it and who will report back to me. But still, it stings a wee bit. I know it is for the better. My leg wouldn’t do well in that arena. (I learned that this weekend after five people ran into it. Ow!)

Here are some pics from the past week.

Resting and icing.

At the pool.

Taco truck.

Banana’s – the to-go fruit.

Getting out in the yard and getting some sunlight.

Chase learning to make Sunday night dinner – spaghetti.

The finished product.

Maddie, helping out.

Joe, begging for my PB&J sandwich.

Baseball practice began this today. I am looking forward to games.

Have a wonderful week ahead. I’ll be here — doing leg lifts. 🙂