Let’s Play Ball | {my life}


The smell of freshly cut grass (sniff, sniff). The birds tweeting away. People out and about. But most of all, it means ball fields, diamonds, bats and gloves.

What is it about the sound of a ball hitting the sweet spot. The magic of how a slide kicks up the dirt just so. The anticipation of a runner stealing a base. The collective gasp as a player dives for the ball for an impossible snag… and comes up with it. How can you not love it!!!?

Yesterday was Chase’s season opener. This is a season for trying new things and not losing skills he gained last season.

He is a catcher this year and he even pitched (WHA?!). Yes he pitched. We were so proud of him.

Game time.

Warming up the pitcher.

Coach talking to the guys.

Working the base.

On the mound…

The cheering crowd got cold sipping her soda. So she stole my sweater… Then I was cold. What we don’t do for our babies! šŸ™‚

Today Madison has her season opener. Can’t wait. MAN I LOVE SPRING!