Black Belt Weekend | {my life}

This weekend was Black Belt weekend!

Maddie, her friends Blake and Julian, all tested and received their first degree black belts. They and their siblings all competed in the UWTA Spring Tournament.

The kids found some lucky ladybugs before testing.

Running to position.

Grand Masters and Masters.

Chil Jang and Pal Jang.

One steps.

Board Breaks.

Class picture.

A photo with Mr. Galvan, her instructor. He’s helped her so much with her form.

Grand Master Robinson, right, Master Robinson, left, & Maddie.

Tournament Day. Waiting for brother to fight.

Big brother helping lil sister…



Sparring. The girls had at least a full head on her. She did really well.

First in weapons. Second in Sparring. Third in forms.



Chase earned second in weapons and sparring.

Black belt Tea Ceremony.

TKD Buddies. New black belts students.

We are so proud of you Maddie!