Monday Morning Musings | {my life}

Good Monday!

It has been a crazy wild few days… but that is nothing new! 🙂

We’ll start with Chase’s last game Thursday. He pitched and caught. The team won their first game. It was great to see the boys excited…

Our friends Jen and Lonnie were up to visit their niece and family as Jen’s sister, Margaret, is expecting a new baby in a matter of weeks.

This is Audrey, the sister-to-be. She found a little puddle that she and Maddie played in Saturday afternoon.

This is Miss H. My goddaughter. And oh how I miss here. She lives in Southern California. I am looking forward to seeing her in several weeks as we take Maddie to Sea World for earning her black belt.

H and her beautiful mommy, Jen.

❤ her!

Sunday after a shoot, we met with our family friends to celebrate two new black belts to our families. The kids picked Shi Ra Soni.

Our wonderful, lovely friends, Lyanne & Doug.

Hot stuff!

So the kids want me to make eggs like this now!

And we celebrated hubby’s birthday with a lil ice cream…

which is a lot of fun to eat with chopsticks.

My kiddies!

The black belt crew… 🙂

My sister dropped off my heirloom tomatoes this weekend also. Now I have to hurry and figure out where I am putting these beauties! Nothing like a little push to get things done! The have some awesome names like Isis candy, Northern lights.

See you next week!